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Tinker Bell Party on a Budget!

Have you ever wanted to do a themed birthday with lots of frills and customized stuff? I love finding other people’s ideas on pinterest for my kids’ birthday parties. I thought maybe other parents might find inspiration in some party decor I have done, so I wanted to share the last party that we had. My daughter turned two and she absolutely loves Tinker Bell! Naturally, I wanted to make her party Tink themed! Also naturally, I went totally cray cray with the decorations! I will go all out with any theme, but the girly glittery stuff is my weakest weakness. I gathered ideas from pinterest and put them to use in my own way according to what our budget was and according to what I thought my little girl would like. I bought supplies from mostly Dollar Tree (best place ever for party supplies on a budget.) and also eBay (great for hard to find themes. It so happened that my local Walmart and other stores did not have ANY Tinker Bell party supplies). Oriental Trading has quite a bit of Tinker Bell supplies and their prices are not too bad at all. If you have not planned a detailed birthday party before and you are a super busy mom (who isn’t???), I suggest starting your party plans waaaay ahead of time. Like, at least 2 months ahead. My daughters birthday is the first week of January, so I start planning in early November. Why have a special party for your little one if it will only get you stressed? Trust me, you will want to plan ahead and just do a little planning, shopping and crafting here and there when you have the time and feel like doing it.

Here is the center piece I made from a empty candle jar and some silk flowers from dollar tree. I glued puffs of tissue to foam balls (dollar tree) and used clay pots, moss and sticks also from dollar tree! I love cheap!!! The Tink sticker is one from a few sheets I ordered off eBay.


Here’s how I set up some fairy finger food:

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Here’s some more decorations I made from poster board and more items from dollar tree:

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For party favors, I had inflatable pirate swords for the boys and fairy wings for the girls. Plus each child got a treat bag! I love spoiling the kids! I hot glued green tulle left over from the tutu I made for Em on the bags (dollar tree) and added Tink stickers.

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And… this is the tutu outfit I made! I got a pair of cheap shoes at the Dollar General and covered them in school glue then green glitter. After they dried, I sprayed them with a clear modge podge to set the glitter and hot glued white craft pom poms on. For the tutu I purchased 3 yards of green tulle and some green ribbon from Walmart.  I cut the tulle into appox. 12″x 6″ sections which I doubled longways and attached each piece on the ribbon by pull through knots. then I added more ribbon tied in bows with the tinkerbell charm buttons I found at Walmart. For the shirt, I used a plain white onsie, hand painted a “2” with school glue and then dumped glitter on top and let it sit a few seconds before shaking off the excess. When it was dry I added a couple puffs of tulle with hot glue. The wings she wore and the other ones I got for favors were all $1 each from Dollar Tree!!!

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I saved the best for last! This gorg cake my sis made! She is so talented!


I made “Tinks” house from a tea pot I found at goodwill, moss from Dollar Tree, a plain canvas as a foundation, a stick from the yard, some fake leaves, ribbon and lots and lots of hot glue. (HOT GLUE IS AWESOME HAHA!) I took a string of lights and put the flower cup cake liners from Walmart on them also.