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The River Never Runs Dry

There are all kinds of fears that can torment us in this life, and no one is completely immune to them. Ironically, sharing those fears, is a real fear. As followers of Christ however, we know that fear is used to chain us, and Jesus breaks chains.

More than one once, the Lion of Judah has roared, and with the blast of his roar, my fears are blown away like dust in the wind. Fear of judgment, fear of other people’s opinions, fear of failure… In Christ, we have a hope and a peace that defies all odds. No matter the flaws within us and no matter the circumstances around us, He will bring us out of the heavy oppression of fear that is considered by many as something that comes with being human. We do not have to accept that. We have overcome by the blood of the lamb. We accept that Jesus has made natural mindsets null and void. He has set us free.

My most recent and silly fear was finding and using inspiration for my writing and particularly this blog. I have ideas and inspiration, but I hesitate to post because something may be needed later… how foolish is that? When I wondered whether to post an old story I recently edited, I thought I might need to wait because what if I don’t have anything good to share later? I could come up with something else for right now. Clear as a bell, in my spirit I received the words, “Honey, the river never runs dry.” I chuckled at the truth I could see in this and how ridiculous I was being! When God fulfills your needs, whether it is inspiration or anything else, it will never run out!

SO, without any more delay, here is my story: A Place of Hope I wrote in 2006 after the death of my grandmother. I found it in my old stuff a few days ago and was hit with new insight as to the meaning of the story, so I edited it and added that interpretation. The story is one about hope which falls in line with my post I did last week about faith hope and love.