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Oh you know, just sharing my innermost thoughts. No biggie…

The beginning of this year I decided and became determined to get serious about writing. As part of that goal, I have been working on updating my blog, along with other goals like writing a few set days a week.

My latest update that I want to share with everyone is a new page just for most of my poetry. Let me know, how do you feel about poetry? What kinds of poems do you like? Also, let me know what you think about my poems and which one you like best!

Soon, I will have a subscribe button for anyone that would like email alerts for my blog posts! I will have that on here as soon as I get a moment from the rearing of my children and all the WAHM stuff. I also have to figure out how that works exactly haha! This blog is a work in progress for sure!

What are you waiting for??? Take a journey through my deepest thoughts and visions (I can’t promise you won’t be unaffected…) and read my poetry! Just click Here. 🙂