I discovered I love to write poetry in college, but I had liked to read poetry long before that. Actually, I have loved poetry since I was 10 and read The Tyger by William Blake. When I wrote my first poem it felt like magic! I knew I had found something that meant a lot to me. Poetry allows us to understand and express what can’t be described in everyday language- using images, rhythm and sound to create a tone or feeling for the reader. Poetry can describe things in a new way, an enlightening way. To me that’s what poetry is all about- enlightenment.

I have so far created a small collection of poetry. My poetry is everything that I felt so profoundly that it demanded to be made into a poem. Some of them appeared to me in my thoughts as whole and finished poems, some I thought of a line and added to it, and some I was in or witnessed a complex situation and made a poem to fit it. The poems ponder life and death, pain and fear, love and brokenness, shame and salvation, and joy and freedom. I have them listed here chronologically.

They Wait

Down cold hard halls
They wait
After everything is gone
They wait

Their days are long
Their minds are wrong

They wait for the end
In little rooms and beds
For there is nothing left
Where the living are dead

Their minds are wrong
Their days are long

All the while God calls
They wait
After life has sung its song
They wait
The Curse

The bond is cursed
Black holes in the heart
What is given is only what it possesses
Knives and bandages

The bond is cursed
The receiver in turn is the giver
What is given is only what it possesses
The knives with the bandages

The forest of good and evil faces
Blissful and mourning faces
Gentle and hostile faces

This wood is the bode of wizardry
Long forgotten

They don’t remember how they got there
They don’t know what made them
They don’t know what warped them

They are in the trees
In the bushes
The brambles
The briars
The rocks and streams

A beautiful place by day
When the joyous faces reign

A haunted place by night
When the ones of the tormented faces
Protect their domain
And look for more faces to turn

I put you to my lips gently
Inhaling deeply
Letting you fill me

As I sit peacefully,
The world seems a dream
Nothing matters

I exhale watching
As you float on the breeze
Dancing playfully
And as I lie choking
Slowly dying
I wonder why I loved you

Life as a Worm


… I run


…I hide


…the beast towers high


…The beak hits close


I am nothing

The Rescue

Delicate and alone
Brightest petals flowing
The flower cries

Grey smoke surrounding
Ash falls from the sky

Through it all
A creature flies
It has beauty to match
It seeks a priceless flower

Tiny rainbow wings hover near
The flower feels hope
To see its hero
Hope flits away

…With his lovely flower grasped tight

Nearly Deadly Dance

Two birds come in sight
Two birds in flight
Equal in their might
Arrows sent to strike

Nearly collide before my eyes
Making a dance awry
Quiet as a sigh

I ask myself…


Night Sky
Flesh wounded by fangs
Teeth bared
A growl vibrates the throat
But, a whimper escapes the soul


Liquid eyes soothed
Touch intoxicated
Embrace warmed
Every empty chamber
Of my empty heart

I could not give my heart to him
Though my eyes always found him
In the night sky

A mountain,
A solid oak
My Orion in the sky

He heard with golden ears
My words once coal were diamonds

His words were a balm of crystal and water
Which soothed, spoiled and quenched my ears

His name was medieval
My tongue once starved was feasted

My name was constant
His tongue once past was present

Through thunder heads and torrents
My eyes would always find him
Steadfast and shining, in the night sky

Though he bestowed many gifts
Always raining, he never parched
Never held out a cup to be filled

As snow in summer
His dance was foreign
Nectar in flowers
Not ivory in tusks
I knew a poacher
But he was a bee

Often my feet took me to his side
So my sapphires could see
My hungry ears could feed
My empty chambers be filled

His balm soothed
His chords enchanted
His wine intoxicated

Wrapped in the feather down secret
Our brass became gold and silver
Where the world could not see

My secret warrior and I
My Orion in the sky

His den was warm and dry
He licked away my salty tears
We romped in golden fields
As my matching charm
My Orion in the sky

All at once my eyes were denied
I spun in circles below the night sky
I sped across the universe
I fell to my knees on the earth

I searched among the stars for his form
My mountain, my solid oak
My Orion in the sky

All I found where cold white points
Disconnected impersonal dots
Meaningless on a field of black

Saturday Mourning

Enveloped in soft nothingness
Awareness indeed almost none

Then a prick of the needle on flesh
I resist the continuous sting

Until rushing waters of thought
Screaming winds of feeling
Fill once blissful emptiness

In this state, the eyes open
And there is no one there

Where is knight?
Why does my soul hide?

It hides from the truth of its nature
A lone she-wolf howling in sorrow

A creature made by oppression
Shaped by torture and solitude

The knight chases fairies
Pockets their dust for tomorrow
Never thinking of today

He pays a terrible price
For what a fairy requires
Is a piece of she-wolf heart


Dew from heaven

My Face

Bubble pops
Lemon drops
Creamy bits of grace

Life water
Fairy dust
Heaven’s Manna


So joyous I must
Spin around as
Sprinkles mist my skin

With eyes to heaven
Mouth wide to taste
Flakes of fluffy joy and grace

Scoop up some cake
from a puddle

Tastes like…
Living water pie

Feels like…
Giggles, sunshine and dreams
Dancing in my tummy

Giant water drops
Burst on my head
Feels like…
Rivulets of renewal

Tastes like…
Pure-cool-berries fountain of youth
I once was dry and bland
Now I am found drenched
With a cookie in each hand

Ode to Jesus

Kindness is the color of your eyes
Your smile lights up the skies

Your embrace is soft and warm
Like a mother’s
Your gaze is strong and fierce
Like a tiger’s

You speak with mercy and justice
But my favorite is your laugh

When I forgot who I am
You showed me who I am
And, I am yours

Patiently, you listen to my fears
Patiently, you speak wisdom to my heart
You make me brave and heal my heart

Oh! If i could be like you!
How could I be like you?
There is no one else like you!
But, for you, I will try
For you, I would die

For, you died for me
My heart grieves for your pierced flesh
Oh the courage you have
You could have turned away

On that day, you died for me
On that day, you set me free
On this earth, I love
All my days I’ll show your love

But there are none I love like you
In my heart I dream of the day I’ll be with you
My time here is but a blink for you
A life of days, months, years for me

You are in my heart
Your spirit is with me
Even so, I yearn to see you face to face

Your love is for all,
but you love me as if I’m the only one
I don’t understand how it can be so
How am I that special?
After all I have done

You took my hand and walk with me
Every day you walk with me,
Guiding me on my way

You save my life;
Over 2,000 years ago,
In my childhood,
In the wilderness,
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
You save me

And, I am grateful
I will lay down my pride, my life for you
Though I may stumble I will follow you
Make me your soldier
Make me your bride

Pretty Girls

Can you tell guts from skin?
Your eyes are a deep ocean
With shipwrecks on the sea floor

Do you hear the thoughts within?
Scramble to your kitchen
Don’t forget, don’t open any doors

Standing knee deep when you can dive in
Washing dishes and living in a fiction
Watching from a two way mirror

Where is your roar little kitten?
You speak with a special diction
Your tone is bells which all adore

Where is your roar little kitten?
Is it not scripted in?
For what pet was it written?

Can you see your brain within?
You tremble in your armor, hidden
Shod head to toe in iron glamour

Oh, sweet angel, listen
Look how you’re shackled and chained
To quote the Raven: Nevermore