Jewelry In Candles

Find out what JIC is all about! I started my business/hobby last year in July, and since then I have had a blast with this company!

Reasons to love JIC:

  1. The scents are AMAZING. Seriously, I wish their were a way to share scent online, but it’s just not possible. This is how great they are- they smell like the real thing! If you order a strawberry candle, it smells like real strawberries. The scents are made with essential oils and never smell like chemicals or fake scent. The natural soy wax that carries the scent keeps the scents from smelling artificial also.12065537_10206143233672843_7999296683708706773_n
  2. They are healthier and more eco-friendly than paraffin wax candles and wax melts. YES, they come in melts for warmers. The company calls them tarts. Another leading wax melt brand made for warmers is made with paraffin. It is not safe. It puts off toxins into the air, and many people that candles give them headaches and try JIC find that the culprit was actually the paraffin wax and NOT the scent!819
  3. They last a really long time! The candles are 21 oz and last 100+ hours!!! The tarts are HUGE. Seriously, they are three times the normal size of wax melts. I usually only use half a square at one time.
  4. The candles and tarts all have JEWELRY inside! It’s a special surprise to whomever you gift it to or even to yourself! The jewelry is good quality and you often can find very pretty or even beautiful pieces that are worth upwards of $100! Whether you find a high value piece or high quality costume jewelry, there is much to love!815
  5. You can shop online as a customer, sell online if you become a rep, or host a party on social media for great host rewards! JIC is a leader in online direct sales and eCommerce! They have very generous commissions, prizes and incentives for reps, and also some of the best rep support and customer service among any direct sales company!