Daughters of the Morning: Turning the Tide

The survival of Lily Groesbeck is a story filled with hope.

The car was found by a fisherman on March 10th 2015. He had planned on fishing that Saturday morning at a specific place, but when he got up to go he felt compelled to go to a different fishing spot. There he found the vehicle upside down in a shallow part of the river. If he had not changed his mind to go to the spot the car would have been there unseen much longer, as it could not be seen from the roadway. The car had already been there 14 hours overnight in below freezing temperatures.

When the rescuers arrived, and went in the river to the car, they heard a voice.

“The four of us heard a distinct voice coming from the car,” Warner told CNN. “To me, it didn’t sound like a child’s voice.”

“It felt like I could hear someone telling me, ‘I need help,'” DeWitt told CNN affiliate KSL. “It was very surreal, something that I felt like I could hear.”

Tyler Beddoes, a third officer at the scene, said the same.

“All I know is that it was there, we all heard it, and that just helped us to push us harder, like I say, and do what we could to rescue anyone inside the car,”

After they turned the car over, they found the driver, a young mother, deceased and the 18 month old Lily Groesbeck unconscious in the back strapped in a car seat. She was wearing light clothing. She had been hanging upside down in the car seat for 14 hours over night in below freezing temperatures with freezing cold water rushing below her head.

The reason I call this a story of hope is because like so much that goes on in the world, there is so much darkness, a young mother by all accounts a wonderful person lost her life and the precious little girl lost her mother, but in this story there is a little light of hope because one little girl that didn’t have a chance lived. That light can shine for all to see.

When I saw the story on Facebook I noticed people were commenting on one of the pictures. They said there were faces in the empty car which had been towed out onto the bank. I thought: yeah sure. But, when I looked I could see faces also, and I felt the Holy Spirit confirming this was actually real. I thought about how this was a photo taken by a reporter for a big news organization and how unlikely it was they would fake something like that, and I thought about how the rescue workers had heard the voice. I thought about the synchronicity (a coincidence that changes fate) of the fisherman finding the car. It was all so clear that this strange accident was more than what met the eye. It had been a spiritual battle. I saw a face in the front of a young woman, the face of a child in the back seat, and also in the back were two forms, I say this because you could see the outline of bodies also, they were large and looked male and menacing. They did not have nice faces. It was odd because in reality, there were only two people in the car, but spiritually you could see there had been two others. I believe they were agents of the enemy in this world. I don’t know what was going on in that car, but there was a battle for that little girl’s life, and God won.

I believe spiritual battles are going to become more obvious. The more obvious the enemy attacks on innocent people to kill, steal and destroy them (John 10:10), the more obvious the intervention of the Lord. I don’t claim to know why sometimes God does not intervene when bad things happen to good people, but I do know that sometimes when attacks are meant to divert the will of God, he will not allow that to happen. There is always a way His will goes on. It can’t be stopped. I do believe that our free will is often what stands in the way of these miracles, and also belief, faith and how we pray plays a part. The fisherman felt compelled to change his mind, but ultimately the choice was his to decide where he would go.

I will explain why I believe young girls are the biggest target in spiritual attacks. Let me start with the current condition of the church, the body of Christ. Some things  that are a big problem right now that a lot of Christian leaders are talking about is the lack of growth in the church. The dwindling is due to uninvolved younger generations, specifically the absence of young men in the church, and also the absence of young fathers in families in general. Some are completely absent; many more are wrapped up in themselves and carnal desires of success, money and women. Even more are enslaved by lustful and obscene images widely available through use of technology. Sadly, many are also enslaved by alcohol or drugs. The current state of manhood has left those that still stand as Godly men asking, how has this happened? What happened to cause real Christian men to become such a rarity?

I have something to share about this. God gave me a series of small visions in 2012, near the end of the year. The first was a sword, the second was a battlefield, the third was a heavy weight, like a great stone that looked like it weighed a ton.

I saw the weight and thought, what is this? God said, “This is the weight on your brothers.” I cried, and thought God what can I do? I have prayed about it a lot since then and, God wants me to tell people what I saw. He wants women like me to pray for this weight to be taken off of them so they can be free. As I contemplated what I saw and analyzed the connotations of it, I felt that this weight is something very, very old, and it has only gotten bigger and heavier with time. I asked the Lord where it came from and I saw, or rather felt, it started at the beginning of humanity, and so I read the verses in Genesis when God cursed Adam:

“You will work hard for your food,
until your face is covered with sweat.
You will work hard until the day you die,
and then you will become dust again.
I used dust to make you,
and when you die, you will become dust again.”

I knew that this is where the weight started, it is because of this curse. It is the weight of hard labor and responsibility, and also after a time taking up the cross of bearing responsibility of spiritual leadership of the church almost solely alone. It has become larger and larger, heavier and heavier with each generation of men. It is what causes so many men to lie down in defeat and succumb to sin and selfish lifestyles.

Now have an open heart, and I will tell the vision that came directly before the vision of the weight. God showed me a desolate battlefield. Male soldiers were lying wounded everywhere. There were a few still standing, but they looked very much worse for wear and they were being surrounded. I could tell they were the last true heroes: What remained of real Godly men. Despite being outnumbered, they fought on and I could tell they would continue to stand, but there was no way the enemy could be defeated that way and there was no way they could help the wounded lying everywhere. I could hear the crying and wailing of those lying on the ground. My heart was filled with compassion both for those that fought in the face of hopelessness and for those that had succumbed to it. Then there was sunlight over the battlefield like a hint of hope to come. I next saw women, like freshly trained warriors, putting on new armor that shone like the sun. It was the most beautiful armor I had ever seen. It had gold and silver and was intricately designed. The men that were on the battlefield had on armor too, but it was badly worn and dull. The women mounted horses and rode into the battlefield. The two things I saw them doing are important: some of them went to support the ones still fighting, some of them went to rescue the wounded and took them to be healed, many I saw had the ability to heal the men on the spot and didn’t have to take them anywhere, while still more were holding back the dark forces so the women helping the men wouldn’t be attacked. I knew that once the men were healed and restored to true warrior status, the men and women together would push back and crush the dark force.

I was made full of compassion for men in general by the vision. I also felt terrified that God would show this to me and it felt like a burden to see something that would not easily be accepted by all because of the history of gender barriers in the church. The new movement God showed me will include many woman led ministries, but they won’t be only ministering to women. There will be many women that start to minister to men around them on an individual level. There will be women that rise up as mighty prayer warriors- in secret and also in groups, women that prophesy and women that heal hearts.  Men will be restored to their rightful place in the church and in their families again, and it will be done with a complete lack of condemnation and a fullness of grace and compassion.

At this point in time women are critical to the battle. Historically, they have just begun to fight. When their rise in battle takes place, during that battle, God will remove any gender barriers left in the church. Grace and forgiveness is the key. The shame, blame and bitterness of the first sin of Adam and Eve will no longer have power over the church. God cursed them yes, but Jesus has brought us forgiveness of our sins. The world cannot be cleansed of the curse until Jesus returns, but the church will be. We will rise as a new creation together, and become the bride of Christ that truly is without spot or wrinkle. In fact, I believe at some point, the church will surpass the world in gender equality because it is a spiritual problem only God can solve. There will still be clear gender roles in marriages as God created us to be, but they are not as strict outside of marital relationships as religious spirits have led us to believe. There is no bondage in Christ, only freedom.

The vision I had that preceded the weight and the battlefield was of a sword. I saw it like a movie from my first person perspective, very much like a virtual reality, as if I had put on one of those virtual reality helmets that allows you to be inside a video game. Though I was inside my house, I was looking down and saw a sword more beautiful than anything I had ever seen, laying on the ground as if I were outside somewhere. I saw my hand reach down and pick it up out of the grass where it looked to have been abandoned. As I grasped the hilt and I lifted it, my arm felt as if the sword propelled it upward. As I thrust it high in the air, I had a feeling of my soul being lifted with it, a breathtaking feeling of joy, hope and fearlessness. Courage, assertiveness and decisive action flowed from it into my heart. After the vision ended, I fell to my knees and praised God. The time of my life I saw it was very bleak due to illness and I knew things were going to change. I knew things were about to change for me, my circle of believers and for Christians everywhere.

When I shared the vision of the sword with some believers close to me about a year later in 2013, my cousin said I should read a book called Girls with Swords by Lisa Bevere. The book Girl’s with Swords is about Satan’s attack on women, or also, Satan’s indirect attack on the church by directly attacking girls and women. She presents the solution as the need of the sword of the spirit. She says the enemy’s attacks on your life have more to do with who you might be than who you have been in the past; He is targeting you because you might be a hero. This is so true! I have been one of the worst examples of a Christian in the past. To the point where many would not think I could have been called that. Even when I started to call on the Lord for help and began to seek him, many of my selfish and sinful desires did not immediately fall away. I was an easy target for accusations and condemnations if any self righteous Christians had noticed me. However, I continued to ask God to help me. I continued to ask God to show me if I was doing wrong. I asked him to show me why I was so messed up. I continued to ask him to show me the right ways. These things take time sometimes, and to some people it can appear as if you are just a fake that thinks they can call themselves Christian and do whatever they want. The enemy will tell you that is how you look. He will try to discourage you and get you to give up because it would be easier than facing judgment. Don’t give up! Also, for those that look for sinners and “backsliders” in the church to condemn think hard about who you are working for by doing this. The Bible says to gently correct and lead others that need help. It does not say to run your mouth to everyone else or to make them feel small. The Bible also says the devil is “the accuser” (REV 12:10 NKJ). Are you pointing out sins to heal or to accuse? Because, if so, you may have more cause for repentance than the person whom you accuse!

From reading Girls with Swords and what I have gotten from God and his Word, the sword of the spirit IS God’s Word, and God’s Word is the Bible and the Holy Spirit working in conjunction in our hearts.

Lisa says, “Satan is not afraid of a disjointed church that wields pieces or fragments of God’s mighty word, but he will tremble in terror at the church that rises up with the sword of his Word reforged and expressed through our lives. As we begin to read and apply all the word and not just our favorite passages, then we will truly recognize what has been placed in our hands.” I think this not only includes our favorite passages, but also theologies! If you never question the theologies and interpretations of the Bible which you grew up with and learn from others, you are like a dull blade! We must sharpen ourselves against each other and always search for His truth. If we know what the Bible says, when we hear a teacher, we can safely judge their words. Listen to the Holy Spirit first! God’s word through the Bible and the Holy Spirit is our sword! Don’t rely only on the teachings of others. Learn God’s word for yourself and ask to be instructed in your spirit. Following the Holy Spirit is like exercising a muscle, it may seem odd or hard at first, like you don’t know what you are doing or what you should expect to experience, but what starts as a small thing will grow. At first, you may feel a “gut feeling” which you follow and reap tremendously. You may have a dream that feels like something more than just a dream. You may even suddenly know things or feel warmth or burning in the center of you. Think of the place where you feel your deepest emotions, particularly love, joy or sadness. It’s deep inside you right? That is the heart of you. That is where the Holy Spirit resides in us when we accept Jesus and are baptized.

One of the first things that prompted Lisa to write the book was the leading of the Holy Spirit. After going to bed one night she kept hearing God say “Reforge the Sword.” She realized she had heard the phrase in one of the Lord of the Rings movies which were originally books written by JRR Tolkein. In the Lord of The Rings, Arwen the Elvin princess takes the broken sword from the last king of men to her father and says,

“From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring; renewed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king. Reforge the sword.”

The sword was reforged and carried into battle by her betrothed who was the true heir to the throne.

Lisa says many women will be attacked before their birth. This is obvious and widespread in some places like China where people abort or kill baby girls so they can try to have a boy instead. (China’s law is one child per family until recently it was changed to two.) Women are disappearing in huge numbers all over the earth. They are being attacked spiritually with images of perfection, and the demeaning and growing sex industry which leads to objectification of women. Pressure like never before from perceived expectations of women is driving many young women to battle anxiety and depression. Young women strive to be hard working, successful, educated, a good mother, a good wife, in shape, on top of trends and their beauty routines, and the list goes on. While women have come far in equality, in some ways their condition is even more undesirable than before. Women can go for almost any career path without judgment, but achieving that in combination with motherhood is daunting, especially considering some still bear the brunt of the homemaking in addition to a career. The catch 22 is that if a woman is without a career, society has somehow made her feel less of a woman, even if she does not want it. If a woman works and chooses to not have children (or can’t have them), she is made to feel less of a woman. Sisters, neither your worth nor your identity are in a job: a career or motherhood or any combination thereof. If we walk in our destinies that God has for us, that is true success no matter what that looks like to others.

Spiritually, the new found equality and freedom for women, especially in western cultures has led to a change in the enemies attacks. You can tell how far into the devils lies a religion is by how much it oppresses the women. He strives to keep them down through lies. He knows the rise of God’s daughters is the beginning of the end for him. Jesus is the one that has paid for our freedom: both men and women. He actively empowered and freed women, along with any other “second class citizens” of the time. He spoke to the woman at the well; he saved a woman from being stoned; he allowed a prostitute to wash his feet, he ministered to her and told her she was forgiven; he gave grace and healing to the woman that boldly grabbed his robe as he went by. These were far from ordinary things for that time and culture. The rise of women to their current freedoms is not coincidental. It is not a coincidence that the most steps towards equality in the history of humanity, has mostly occurred after Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. It is not a coincidence that the most progress is found in Christian nations. The new freedom has led to a change in the enemy’s tactics. If he cannot oppress us, keep us bound and gagged, he will twist our sense of self and womanhood or even try to kill us.

Unfortunately, the equality of women has led to one of the greatest evils of all time. Abortion is supported and applauded by those that believe it is part of a woman’s right to her own body. God has given us certain rights over ourselves. That is what the American constitution is all about. No other person has authority over our bodies. Therefore, my mother never had the right to decide whether my body lived or died.

God has shown me that if we could see the proportion of fetuses aborted that were female, we would be shocked.

Compounding the things God has shown me in visions and through Lisa’s writing, I have experienced an attack of some sort while I was near my due date and at her birth with my own daughter.  About the same time my doctor had scheduled me to be induced I dreamed a very disturbing dream. I have heard women have weird dreams during pregnancy and especially close to giving birth, but I also know that God had given me dreams of forewarning before, and this was definitely more than just a pregnancy dream.

I was standing outside a group of people that were in a circle around a fire outdoors somewhere. They were wearing dark cloaks with hoods so that I could not see their faces. They began to chant something I couldn’t understand and knelt on the ground at some point during their strange prayer, as it seemed to be. There was a pedestal about the height of a table with a statue looking object on it. I got a strong feeling of danger to me and my unborn little girl. I felt that the statue may have represented me, and they were trying to make something happen to me. I remembered who my Father is, and fear changed to righteous anger. I strode right up to the pedestal saying firmly and loudly, “You have no power over me! For God is within me,” I swept my arm out and knocked the figure off the pedestal saying, “and who is more powerful than the Almighty God!?”

Of course, after that, I had a very uneasy feeling up until the day went to the hospital. I had been praying almost nonstop. Everything went well until my daughter was born and unlike her brother before her, there was no immediate wail, loudly announcing her arrival. I looked as the doctor held her with one hand and started smacking her bottom with the other hand. Her face pitifully stuck in a cry with no sound. This went on for long enough for everyone in the room with me- my mother, my sister, my husband and my mother in law to all call out encouraging words to her. I tried to encourage her as well, but I could hardly speak, as I felt my breath caught waiting for her to have her first breath. Then the nurse was asking if she should get the ventilator, which would force her to breathe. I read later that even if the baby does breathe on their own after being helped, there can be related health problems later. The doctor, God bless him, stayed calm as still water the whole time. He was intent and focused on getting her to breathe with reassured motions like someone else would look doing something they were born to do, as when an artist paints or a runner runs. He shook his head slightly, and simply said, “Nah, she’s about to do it on her own… just one second… wait.” My prayers I had been saying under my breath diluted to begging, “Please baby girl, breathe” Sure enough, the doctor’s statement of faith became reality. She took a small ragged breath and let out a low horse cry. We all praised her for her accomplishment and cried happy tears.

I don’t know how symbolic or literal the dream I had was, but I do know there was a real threat. I also know my daughter can’t be shut up. In the end, she will do what it takes to be heard. (This is not to say that men and boys don’t also have callings and are not also targets. They do and they are, but they are counting on us! More than they know.)

These attacks that I claim are on very small children, babies and fetuses are not a new thing however strange it may sound. Lisa cites two very prominent instances in the Bible-

  1. “Come let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply, and if war breaks out, they join our enemies and fight against us and escape from the land.” Therefore let us set taskmasters over them to afflict them with heavy burdens… But the more they were oppressed the more they multiplied… and the Egyptians were afraid of the people of Israel. (Exodus 1:10-12)

When Pharoh’s oppressive tactics failed to diminish the strength of the Israelites, he turned to more decisive measures: gendercide and infanticide.”

  1. “Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, became furious, and he sent and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under, according to the time that he had ascertained from the wise men.”

This time the girls are the ones being attacked. Remember the battlefield vision, and consider the following.

Recently, I felt compelled to look up the size of Islam on a whim. Christianity is the largest, but if the growth rates continue, Islam will equal Christianity in 2050. Then overtake it after that. Even though I randomly look up facts out of curiosity all the time, this time it proved to be essential to this message (if you want to call it that).

This is why Satan wants to hinder the next generation. Our daughters are the spark before the fire of God will overtake the whole earth.

We must stand and pray against the enemy saying, “Satan you can’t touch our daughters and you can’t shut them up.”

The rise of the church in the imminent future will be a chain reaction of women sparks that start many blazes. My daughter’s name is prophetic of her generation; though, we didn’t intend it to be. My husband and I could not agree on names so, I went through a name book, highlighting the names I liked then I would call them out for him to say whether or not he liked it also. That gave us a small list to which we narrowed it down to three names. When we decided on Ember, we both felt as if it had already been her name and we just had to find it.

We picked her name in the summer of 2013. My cousin had told me about Girls with Swords that summer also when I spoke to my church family about the sword vision I had had (The year before in 2012 along with the other two visions.) I didn’t actually read GWS until after her birth in 2014.

The generation of women now in many stages of infancy, is the generation of embers that will ignite the fire that consumes the world. Ladies, we are the daughters of the morning, the turning of the tide, heroines in shining armor. The long night is coming to an end. We are about to ride into battle with the rising of the sun and send the devil running, tail tucked.

For further study, Paul wrote about spritual battles in Ephesians…

10 Last of all I want to remind you that your strength must come from the Lord’s mighty power within you. 11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand safe against all strategies and tricks of Satan.12 For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies—the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world.

13 So use every piece of God’s armor to resist the enemy whenever he attacks, and when it is all over, you will still be standing up.

14 But to do this, you will need the strong belt of truth and the breastplate of God’s approval. 15 Wear shoes that are able to speed you on as you preach the Good News of peace with God. 16 In every battle you will need faith as your shield to stop the fiery arrows aimed at you by Satan. 17 And you will need the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit—which is the Word of God.

18 Pray all the time. Ask God for anything in line with the Holy Spirit’s wishes. Plead with him, reminding him of your needs, and keep praying earnestly for all Christians everywhere. 19 Pray for me, too, and ask God to give me the right words as I boldly tell others about the Lord and as I explain to them that his salvation is for the Gentiles too. 20 I am in chains now for preaching this message from God. But pray that I will keep on speaking out boldly for him even here in prison, as I should.

-TLB translation