I’ve Moved! New Blog: Callitopian

Thanks so much to everyone that has followed this blog! I have recently created a new blog, so I won’t be posting in this one anymore. This was my first blog, and I felt it’s a little disconnected, without much focus or drive to it. The beginning of this year, I decided the main topics that I really want to write about, and also discovered that Blogger is a better platform for me since I am not very handy with the more complex options of WordPress; I found it discouraging for me. Now, my blog is on Blogger and the name is Callitopian. ( I changed it mainly because Callitopia was already taken on instagram!)

My new blog will feature a small amount of inspirational posts or maybe even health related posts, but not many. The main topics are: beauty, fashion, and self love for young women. Here’s the link if you’d like to follow: http://www.callitopian.blogspot.com

Are you interested in these topics?

I hope to see you there!

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