Chains to be Broken: Fear and Insecurity

Spiritually, there are a few different things that can hinder us in our life’s journey and relationship with God. Mainly, the different lies that we believe. These lies produce things like fear and insecurity, and they hold us captive like chains. My freedom from my personal chains came in two parts, two dreams. The first dream was liberating in a healing way. The second dream was liberating in an empowering way.

It is Biblical for God to send a message through dreams, and it is a proven and common way he speaks to me. (He uses whatever an individual is likely to respond to I believe.) Two God dreams that I have had were key in freeing me from some hurtful beliefs that I had about myself. If you struggle as I did with being overly critical with yourself or others, read the story of my two emancipation dreams. 1. Jesus: Counselor and 2. Father of Lies. I ask that you ponder in your heart what meaning these dreams could have for you and pray for Father God to purge the lies from your heart to be replaced by his healing truth.

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