These Three Things

I am obsessed with the scripture 1 corinthians 13:12 in which Paul says “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love,” so I want to write a little today about these three.

First faith, the Bible does not say it is the greatest of the three, but you will hear many Christians talking about it more than they talk about how important and powerful love is. Don’t get me wrong, all three aren’t always easy to come by or harbor within yourself, but there is a big problem if you are a Christian and don’t have the love of Christ for others. The whole gospel is founded on it. Back to the first thing though: Just because some Christians may place too much importance on it, does not mean we do not need faith! It is one of the three basic things necessary to a true Christian life!

Having true faith means getting out of your head, and convincing your heart to embrace totally ridiculous impossibilities as totally possible, AND accepting the inevitable backlash towards your “unrealistic” attitude with grace and understanding. It’s not personal. It takes a lot of inner strength to deny your rational mind and to see the impossible come to pass. There is more to it than that. Although I can’t claim to know all mysteries of the mind and heart and how they work together, or more often against each other, but I believe God has given me some insight into the matter.

Convincing your heart to believe something is not easy. One reason I think it says that the greatest of the three is love is because love is necessary for your faith to have any real power. Who has effective faith if they do not love God? Who prays for someone or something they do not love? Think about the prayers that have been answered versus those that you gave up on, not prayers that you are still waiting for. I’m talking about the ones that you were glad were never answered. If you are like me, my prayers that were most misguided were not backed by real love, either in myself or some other person involved in the prayer. If you do not know how much God loves you, or even if you do and you find it hard to believe in your heart, and you find it difficult to see yourself as loved by God, this is something that could block your healing that you pray for and so desperately need. This I learned through my own experience with praying for healing.


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