Makes Scents

There are times in life when you search for opportunity. Times when you strive for success and also times when you fail after months or years of planning and preparation. I’ve been there. Then, there are times when the most unplanned and unlikeliest of opportunities whops you over the head, and you say, “Hey! I should do this!” I don’t mean that we should chase every breeze that blows by, but when you know a good thing, you just know. It makes sense. Or, in my case it made scents!

Here’s how the provident opportunity happened- a friend of mine told me about a dream she had. She was going through her house opening drawers, cabinets and closets and finding all these candles everywhere. Where were they all coming from? What did it mean? Well, since I have interpreted dreams, she asks me and my immediate reaction was to tell her, it’s your time to shine! Finding hidden things also implies blessings in dreams. Just a few weeks later she introduced me to a direct sales company she herself had just started with. Let me say first that I have never seen myself as doing direct sales, like, ever. Being my friend, I decided almost immediately to buy a candle from her. The business was Jewelry in Candles. After I decided to order, she tells me about the special sign up discount they were doing and I could sign up for almost nothing! I had already been thinking about finding something to do from home, and I was very impressed by the scents and the novelty of the products. I signed up!

In a longer story, my friend betrayed me and has not spoken to me since, but I found a valuable opportunity through her. Around this time, I made a new friend online because of a facebook group for moms. She had asked the group if anyone could interpret dreams. I told her I could and she began to message me. It took a few times reading it, but I began to see what I thought the theme was and I told her. Luckily, I wasn’t wrong and she thanked me for it. I realized something though; her dream was not only a message for her but for me as well! I took the morals in her dream to heart. I knew I was also struggling with the same problems, being consumed by a need for perfection in all my roles as a modern woman. You must be successful in your undertakings, from home or in a workplace, you must be a good and caring wife and mother, and if you follow God, you must be a good Christian. All of these things go beyond being “good” what we really want is perfection. The smallest of doubts, the smallest step off our desired course, and BAM you feel like a complete failure- not good enough.

My point is this: it makes sense now that opportunity comes flowing freely like a rainstorm. It’s not like the wind that you chase after and no matter how hard you try, you can’t catch it- if that’s the case it’s not an opportunity for you. Real opportunity that will work for YOU, dumps on your on the head like blessings from heaven. Also, I learned that not only can we learn from our own dreams, but from the dreams of others. I believe in God. I have believed God speaks to people through their own dreams, but speaking to us through others’ dreams? Now, that is amazing.

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