New Poem: Star Makers’ Daughter

Rose Petal feet leave a trail of flowers
Head of Dreams
Crowned in peonies and butterflies

Arms like the breeze
Hips like waterfalls
Eyes like dew
Smile like rain on sunny days
She speaks,
Truth and love grace her lips

See her? Head high, walking in a straight line.

See her? Swaying, rhythm in her steps
In time with the beat of her heart



New Poem: Save Your Own Self

I wrote this poem when caught in a mix of negative emotions- part indifference, part sadness and pity, and part anger. What do you say when someone won’t help themselves and blames you for their plight? Save your own self…

You put yourself in a glass cage
You are strong enough to break

You cry to me to free you
I won’t

I don’t want to be cut on your glass
Those aren’t my scars to bear

Break your own glass

Chains to be Broken: Fear and Insecurity

Spiritually, there are a few different things that can hinder us in our life’s journey and relationship with God. Mainly, the different lies that we believe. These lies produce things like fear and insecurity, and they hold us captive like chains. My freedom from my personal chains came in two parts, two dreams. The first dream was liberating in a healing way. The second dream was liberating in an empowering way.

It is Biblical for God to send a message through dreams, and it is a proven and common way he speaks to me. (He uses whatever an individual is likely to respond to I believe.) Two God dreams that I have had were key in freeing me from some hurtful beliefs that I had about myself. If you struggle as I did with being overly critical with yourself or others, read the story of my two emancipation dreams. 1. Jesus: Counselor and 2. Father of Lies. I ask that you ponder in your heart what meaning these dreams could have for you and pray for Father God to purge the lies from your heart to be replaced by his healing truth.

The River Never Runs Dry

There are all kinds of fears that can torment us in this life, and no one is completely immune to them. Ironically, sharing those fears, is a real fear. As followers of Christ however, we know that fear is used to chain us, and Jesus breaks chains.

More than one once, the Lion of Judah has roared, and with the blast of his roar, my fears are blown away like dust in the wind. Fear of judgment, fear of other people’s opinions, fear of failure… In Christ, we have a hope and a peace that defies all odds. No matter the flaws within us and no matter the circumstances around us, He will bring us out of the heavy oppression of fear that is considered by many as something that comes with being human. We do not have to accept that. We have overcome by the blood of the lamb. We accept that Jesus has made natural mindsets null and void. He has set us free.

My most recent and silly fear was finding and using inspiration for my writing and particularly this blog. I have ideas and inspiration, but I hesitate to post because something may be needed later… how foolish is that? When I wondered whether to post an old story I recently edited, I thought I might need to wait because what if I don’t have anything good to share later? I could come up with something else for right now. Clear as a bell, in my spirit I received the words, “Honey, the river never runs dry.” I chuckled at the truth I could see in this and how ridiculous I was being! When God fulfills your needs, whether it is inspiration or anything else, it will never run out!

SO, without any more delay, here is my story: A Place of Hope I wrote in 2006 after the death of my grandmother. I found it in my old stuff a few days ago and was hit with new insight as to the meaning of the story, so I edited it and added that interpretation. The story is one about hope which falls in line with my post I did last week about faith hope and love.


These Three Things

I am obsessed with the scripture 1 corinthians 13:12 in which Paul says “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love,” so I want to write a little today about these three.

First faith, the Bible does not say it is the greatest of the three, but you will hear many Christians talking about it more than they talk about how important and powerful love is. Don’t get me wrong, all three aren’t always easy to come by or harbor within yourself, but there is a big problem if you are a Christian and don’t have the love of Christ for others. The whole gospel is founded on it. Back to the first thing though: Just because some Christians may place too much importance on it, does not mean we do not need faith! It is one of the three basic things necessary to a true Christian life!

Having true faith means getting out of your head, and convincing your heart to embrace totally ridiculous impossibilities as totally possible, AND accepting the inevitable backlash towards your “unrealistic” attitude with grace and understanding. It’s not personal. It takes a lot of inner strength to deny your rational mind and to see the impossible come to pass. There is more to it than that. Although I can’t claim to know all mysteries of the mind and heart and how they work together, or more often against each other, but I believe God has given me some insight into the matter.

Convincing your heart to believe something is not easy. One reason I think it says that the greatest of the three is love is because love is necessary for your faith to have any real power. Who has effective faith if they do not love God? Who prays for someone or something they do not love? Think about the prayers that have been answered versus those that you gave up on, not prayers that you are still waiting for. I’m talking about the ones that you were glad were never answered. If you are like me, my prayers that were most misguided were not backed by real love, either in myself or some other person involved in the prayer. If you do not know how much God loves you, or even if you do and you find it hard to believe in your heart, and you find it difficult to see yourself as loved by God, this is something that could block your healing that you pray for and so desperately need. This I learned through my own experience with praying for healing.


Oh you know, just sharing my innermost thoughts. No biggie…

The beginning of this year I decided and became determined to get serious about writing. As part of that goal, I have been working on updating my blog, along with other goals like writing a few set days a week.

My latest update that I want to share with everyone is a new page just for most of my poetry. Let me know, how do you feel about poetry? What kinds of poems do you like? Also, let me know what you think about my poems and which one you like best!

Soon, I will have a subscribe button for anyone that would like email alerts for my blog posts! I will have that on here as soon as I get a moment from the rearing of my children and all the WAHM stuff. I also have to figure out how that works exactly haha! This blog is a work in progress for sure!

What are you waiting for??? Take a journey through my deepest thoughts and visions (I can’t promise you won’t be unaffected…) and read my poetry! Just click Here. 🙂


A New Poem!

Pretty Girls

Can you tell guts from skin?

Your eyes are a deep ocean

With shipwrecks on the sea floor

Do you hear the thoughts within?

Scramble to your kitchen

Don’t forget, don’t open any doors

Standing knee deep when you can dive in

Washing dishes and living in a fiction

Watching from a two way mirror

Where is your roar little kitten?

You speak with a special diction

Your tone is bells which all adore

Where is your roar little kitten?

Is it not scripted in?

For what pet was it written?

Can you see your brain within?

You tremble in your armor, hidden

Shod head to toe in iron glamour

Oh, sweet angel, listen

Look how you’re shackled and chained

To quote the Raven: Nevermore